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What Causes Sleep Deprivation for Seniors?

What Causes Sleep Deprivation for Seniors?

24-Hour Home Care in Danville CA
24-Hour Home Care in Danville CA

It’s not unusual at all for aging adults to start having trouble getting enough sleep. If that goes on too long, sleep deprivation isn’t far behind. So, what’s causing these sleep problems your aging family member is having and what can you do about them? There might be more you can do to resolve the situation for her, including bringing in 24-hour home care to get through sleepless nights safely.

Simple Aging

Sometimes the sleep problems she’s experiencing creep in just because your elderly family member is growing older. As people age, their habits and routines change. But their bodies and the needs their bodies have also can change a bit. Your elderly family member may find that she simply doesn’t experience sleep the same way she used to experience it.

Health Issues and Medications

There might also be health issues your elderly family member is experiencing that can affect her ability to sleep. Pain, breathing problems, and other health conditions can all make sleeping a lot more difficult than it used to be. If your elderly family member is taking medications, then side effects could be affecting her ability to sleep as well. One way to keep an eye on how your elderly family member’s health issues are impacting her life is for 24-hour home care professionals to be there with her.

Worry, Anxiety, and Stress

It might seem as if your elderly family member doesn’t have anything to worry about, but that’s not the case for anyone, really. Your senior may find that she’s anxious about her health or worrying about people that she loves. Any of these concerns can be enough to interfere with her ability to sleep as well as she would like. Knowing that caregivers are there with her can make a huge difference for you both.

Living on Her Own

As much as your elderly family member might love living on her own, there’s a certain level of angst that goes along with living alone. This can have a big impact on her sleep, including causing her to have significant trouble sleeping. One solution is for 24-hour home care professionals to be there with your senior, to help alleviate any concerns she might have about being on her own.

Lack of Routine

Routines are so important for people of all ages, but they’re especially essential for seniors. Your elderly family member’s routines keep her on target with all of the areas of her life. When she’s not getting enough sleep, her routines suffer. That then becomes a continuing problem because without routines, she’s probably not getting to bed at the right time and she might be getting up too late. All of that can continue to make bigger problems as time goes on. Home care professionals can do a lot to make sure your senior’s routines are easier to keep.

If your elderly family member is still having trouble sleeping, there might be more behind the problem. She should talk with her doctor to see if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed.

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