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Are There Solutions for Dry Eye?

Are There Solutions for Dry Eye?

Dry eye can be a subtle problem, but once your senior notices that her eyes aren’t feeling as comfortable as they usually do she may start to notice why. Here are some tips for managing dry eyes for your senior.

See What Her Doctor Has to Say

Your senior’s doctor is the best starting point if she’s experiencing dry eye. It’s possible that health issues or the medications she’s been prescribed to manage those health issues are contributing to her dry eye. Changes to her diet, like including more omega-3 fatty acids, could be something helpful. Her primary care physician may also recommend that she sees her eye doctor to cover all the bases. If dietary changes don’t help, eye drops or ointment may.

Hydration Always Matters

When considering dietary changes, one of the biggest things to look at is how much water your senior is taking in. If she’s dehydrated then parts of her body, like her eyes and her mouth, may be consistently dry. That can be uncomfortable and a big sign that she needs to drink more water. Sipping water throughout the day is the best approach, but it can also help to bump up her intake of foods that contain water.

Humidity Levels Can Make a Difference

It’s not just water levels inside your senior’s body that matter, though. The humidity level in her environment also matters. If the air is too dry, she’s likely to feel that in her skin and in her eyes. This is usually a problem in winter when heat is on more often, but it can also be an issue in the summer when air conditioners are running more frequently.

Sunglasses Really Can Help

The sun, and particularly UVB and UVA rays, can damage your senior’s eye and make them dry out. When your elderly family member is outside or is in a sunny location, sunglasses that are rated to block UVA and UVB rays can help to protect her eyes. She may also want to consider lenses that automatically darken to protect her eyes if she wears glasses all the time.

It’s tough to keep up with all of these variables for your senior completely on your own. Elderly care providers can make the job easier and they can be there for your senior when life is complicated. There’s a lot more that they can do for your senior, too, including offering much-needed companionship.

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