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Understand How Isolation Impacts Your Dad’s Health and How You Can Help

Understand How Isolation Impacts Your Dad’s Health and How You Can Help

Caregivers in Danville CARight now, it’s hard to navigate being a family caregiver. You know if you’re not with your dad that he is isolated. You can ease some of this by calling him daily and trying to get him to video chat.

Family caregivers cannot ignore the impact isolation can have. You might feel stir crazy. You want to get back to normal and visit your friends and family like you used to. You want to get back to work. You want to go shopping without fear.

Your dad is experiencing that, too. Not only is he alone and isolated, but he’ also is in the higher-risk group for coronavirus. Social isolation increases the risk of inflammation, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

How Does Isolation Impact Your Health?

Why does social isolation impact your health? It comes down to stress. When you’re stressed, you tend to turn to those closest to you. They’re there for comfort, which helps ease the stress.

When you cannot turn to others for comfort, it’s harder to ease the stress. Exercise may help your dad ease some of that angst, but if he’s not as mobile as he used to be, it’s hard to get enough exercise to lessen the stress.

Stress prompts an inflammatory response in the body. Stress hormones impact blood pressure. High blood pressure can put extra strain on the blood vessels, veins, and arteries. This impacts the cardiovascular system.

Experts don’t believe short-term isolation will impact many people, but it’s hard to tell how long COVID-19 will have people self-isolating. Finding ways to handle stress is important.

Ways to Beat the Stress

Video chats are one of the ways your dad can ease stress, but he may struggle with the technology. A phone call is also beneficial.

He can burn off some of his stress by finding a hobby that keeps his mind occupied. It’s a good time to find new things to do. He could start gardening, learn to paint, or take up baking. Kneading dough works the muscles in the arms and wrists and also provides him with food.

Have You Considered Caregivers for Now?

Caregivers are one of the best ways to help him avoid feeling lonely or isolated. It’s important right now as isolation also impacts a person’s health.

With this pandemic, you’re also supposed to stay home. While you’re tempted to travel to and from your dad’s home to check on him, you need to put his safety first. Caregivers can stay with him and make sure he’s not feeling isolated and has the help he needs.

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