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5 Things That Will Help Your Mom Sleep Better At Night

5 Things That Will Help Your Mom Sleep Better At Night

Insomnia, sleep apnea, and the symptoms of many different physical conditions can make sleep difficult for seniors. And when seniors can’t sleep they can become anxious, which can make it even harder for them to sleep.

But sleep directly impacts health. When seniors aren’t getting enough sleep, their health can suffer because of it. If your senior parent is having trouble sleeping or they’re not getting enough sleep talk to their doctor. They may need a sleep study to figure out why they aren’t sleeping well.

In the meantime, these things may help your mom get a better night’s rest and help her fall asleep faster:

Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance can help alleviate any anxiety your mom has at night. If your mom is not used to being alone at night it can be very lonely. With home care assistance, someone will be there to talk to your mom at night, watch TV with her, help her get ready for bed, and make sure she doesn’t need anything during the night. Sometimes just knowing someone else is there can be a huge comfort.

A Hot Bath

A hot bath can be very relaxing and a great way for seniors to wind down for the night. Just make sure the bath isn’t too hot. Home care assistance can help your mom safely enjoy a hot bath then get into some cozy pajamas so she can drift off to sleep. Using bath products can be a good way to make baths more relaxing. Just make sure not to use oils or any products that can make the tub slippery. You don’t want mom to fall getting out of the tub!


Meditation and breathing exercises help a lot of seniors manage anxiety at night and prepare for a deep sleep. If your mom has never tried meditation before you should talk to her and see if it’s something she is interested in trying. There are lots of guided mediation apps, CDs, and playlists that can help her learn how to meditate. Many seniors report that they fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply if they meditate at night.

A Nightly Phone Call

Another great way to alleviate the loneliness that your mom might be feeling at night is for you or your siblings to call her every night at a set time just to say goodnight. Even if it’s just a quick five minute call it can give your mom a lot of comfort. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that she’s ok. If you have siblings, you can take turns calling so that your mom gets a chance to talk with all of her kids.

A Voice Activated Assistant

A voice activated assistant may give your mom peace of mind and make life much more pleasant for her. And it can be a great safety tool as well. Your mom can tell the voice activated assistant to turn on the lights if she needs to get up. Or she can tell it to play music or call one of her children if she needs help.

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