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4 Fun Ways Seniors Can Move Every Day

4 Fun Ways Seniors Can Move Every Day

In-Home Care in Danville CA
In-Home Care in Danville CA

April is Move More month and it’s a great time for seniors to focus on moving more every day. Doctors say that the single best thing that seniors can do to stay healthy as they get older is move more. And more activity doesn’t have to mean doing hard workouts. Seniors can set small manageable goals to start adding extra activity into their day and still get the massive health benefits of daily exercise. When it comes to exercise any movement is good movement. Here are a few ways that seniors can start adding more movement and activity to their everyday life, and how in-home care can help.

Walk Around The Block After Breakfast

A super easy way to increase activity and move more is for seniors to just take a quick walk around the block before or after breakfast. A walk around the block just takes a few minutes but it will improve circulation and get seniors moving before they start taking on the day. An in-home care provider can walk with your senior on a daily basis and offer physical support as well as encouragement. Even just a 10-15 minute walk around the block can dramatically improve a senior’s health when it’s done every day.

Park At The Furthest Parking Spot When Running Errands

Another way that seniors can rack up more steps and get more activity is to park their cars in the furthest spot from the door when they run errands. That extra walk to the door will add up to lots of additional steps and that will help seniors stay healthy. After doing that a few times seniors won’t even really notice that they’re walking extra far to get to the door. But they will definitely notice that their health improves doing it.

Set Up Some Yard Games

Spring is coming so why not set up some fun yard games? Take advantage of the back yard and play some spring and summer yard games with family members, neighbors, or an in-home care provider. Pickleball is a very popular backyard game. So are horseshoes, bocci ball, or your senior loved one can set up a mini-golfing course in the backyard so they can practice their golfing. Playing in the backyard is an easy way to get moving everyday and it will also give seniors a reason to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Do Some Volunteer Work

Seniors can volunteer for organizations where their volunteer work will encourage them to move. For example, seniors may want ot volunteer for the local humane society where they can walk dogs, play with puppies, or help feed the cats and other animals. They also may want to work with kids which would require them to be active and engaging with the kids. There are so many great volunteer opportunities out there that any senior should be able to find a volunteer role they would really enjoy.

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