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Is it Really Possible for Your Senior to Age in Place?

Is it Really Possible for Your Senior to Age in Place?

Has your senior told you that she wants to age in place for as long as possible? That’s a wonderful goal, if it’s actually something that she can achieve.

What Does She Need?

Take a closer look at what your senior needs in order to age in place. Does her home need modifying? Or would a declutter get her where things need to be? You also need to understand what her health needs are both now and in the future. That’s going to help you to project and fill in the blanks a little bit to try and meet her needs more accurately. You won’t be able to predict everything, but if you can start to understand now what she’ll need later, you have a more accurate picture.

How Likely Is it She’ll Change Her Mind?

Your elderly family member may be committed to the idea of aging in place right now, but how likely is it that she’s going to change her mind? Of course, a lot of that depends on what she needs and how well you think you’ll be able to meet her needs if she stays right where she is. If something dramatic were to change, how would your senior want to handle that? It’s better to ask that now while you’re still in the planning phase.

Is She Mobile?

It’s also important to look at your senior’s mobility needs. Is she able to get around well now? Is she still exercising or is she fighting that? What she’s doing now is going to affect her future, regardless of what else happens down the line. You need to have a plan for what happens if her mobility needs change, too. Is her home set up to be able to accommodate a wheelchair or a walker?

Will She Accept Help?

The other big consideration is whether your elderly family member is willing to accept help or not. If she’s resistant to help now, that can be problematic if she does continue to age in place. No one is an island and eventually she’s going to need assistance. Whether that help comes from you or from elder care providers, she’s going to be far closer to her goal of aging in place if she accepts assistance willingly.

There’s a lot that goes into this decision, both for you and for your senior. No matter how much you may admire and respect her wishes to continue to age in place, you have to be realistic about the situation, too.

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