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Keeping the Skin and Mind Young: What Tips Can Help?

Keeping the Skin and Mind Young: What Tips Can Help?

Home Care in Walnut Creek CA
Home Care in Walnut Creek CA

When caring for your elderly loved one, does it seem like they pay a lot of attention to their skin and mind? Maybe, you or a home care provider hear them talking about their wrinkles or how they really hope they don’t get dementia. If that is the case, you can share the tips that are noted below. These tips can help to keep their skin and mind younger-looking and feeling for a longer time than if they weren’t doing these tips.

Reduce Stress

The number one point to make to your elderly loved one if they want to keep their skin and mind young is to reduce their stress. Studies show that stress can cause wrinkles, dementia, and many other neurodegenerative conditions. However, there is good news. Your elderly loved one can learn many coping techniques to help reduce and prevent stress such as:

  • Hanging out with friends, loved ones, or home care providers
  • Reading
  • Journal writing
  • Watching comedy
  • Doing crafts
  • Taking a nap

It may even be a good idea for someone to write down the things that lower your elderly loved one’s stress levels. That way, no matter who is taking care of or helping them at a given time, they will know how to help them bring calmness to their days.

Moving Forward

Is your elderly loved one stuck in the past? Maybe, they continue talking about the past practically every time that you speak to them. If that is the case, it would be highly recommended that you or someone else try to get them to move forward. There are many ways that this can be done including:

  • Setting goals for the present and future
  • Working on projects
  • Cleaning
  • Going through things from the past and getting rid of them

Each one of these ideas can help your elderly loved one to move forward. If your elderly loved one isn’t sure what they are going to do in the future, you can work with them to create goals. It might be trial and error for a while and that’s okay, as long as they are attempting to achieve some type of goal or project.

Eating Healthier Foods

Another way that your elderly loved one can keep their skin and mind young is by eating healthier foods. There are certain sugar, salt, or fat-filled foods that increase inflammation in the body. Those are the foods that also cause blood vessel damage that can harm the brain. However, if your elderly loved one eats healthier foods on a regular basis, it can significantly improve their skin and brain health.

If you are trying to help your elderly loved one keep their skin and mind young, they should start with the tips noted above. These are tips that have helped many elderly people to feel and look younger. The sooner your elderly loved one starts using these tips, the better it will be for their looks and the way they are feeling each day.



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