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Unite Generations During National Bake for Family Fun Month

Unite Generations During National Bake for Family Fun Month

Elderly Care in Alamo CAThe Home Baking Association designed Bake for Family Fun Month as a way to get families into the kitchen together. It’s a time for generations to unite, help each other master cooking skills, and enjoy meals together.

For February’s National Bank for Family Fun, you should join multiple generations for weekly dinners that you prepare together. All ages can join in. The youngest children can stir batters, collect and put away ingredients, and help with planning.

You’ll find that your kids learn tips from your parents, and your parents will enjoy having the grandchild’s help finding recipes and building shopping lists online. Consider these tips when planning your family dinners.

Plan Several Dishes for Different Skill Levels

Depending on the group that’s going to be in the kitchen, you’ll want to plan different dishes that meet the skill levels. If you have lots of children, dough works well. Cookie dough is one idea. Kids can take turns mixing the dough by hand and scooping the dough onto sheets.

More complex entrees and sides can be worked on by the more advanced cooks. Prep work is good for those who have a steady hand for chopping and peeling.

Create Menus that Cater to Everyone’s Dietary Needs

Work together to create menus that give everyone an option. If you have family members who need low-salt meals, make sure some of the items you’re serving meet that need. Do the same with anyone with food allergies or sensitivities or who follow a vegetarian, pescatarian, or similar diet.

Shop Together

Before the family meal, give everyone a list and go to the store. You’ll save time in the store. If you don’t want to do a group shopping trip, have everyone shop before they arrive. That splits the cost of the meal up, and you’re starting with everything you need as soon as people arrive.

Plan Things Out

If there is limited space in the kitchen, you can’t all be in there at the same time. Create a plan where everyone has time to do their tasks without being rushed. Start with the prep work and gathering of ingredients. From there, move to the cooking, baking, and end with serving.

Elderly care helps your parents eat nutritious meals when you cannot be there to help. If you’ve found your parents are relying heavily on packaged foods and takeout, look into the meal preparation services an elderly care agency offers. They’ll have a companion around to cook meals and keep them company as often as is desired.

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