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How Do You Choose Who Should Care for Your Mom and Dad?

Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA
Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA

Your dad had a stroke and needs help morning to night. Your mom has Alzheimer’s and cannot be left alone, or she wanders off. When your family is facing those situations, how do you choose a person to provide that care? Here are some things to consider, and how senior care can help.

Have a Family Discussion

Talk to everyone in the immediate family who should have a say. If your brother is estranged and hasn’t talked to your mom and dad in years, you’re not obligated to include him unless they really want to. Your aunts and uncles may matter, but you should follow your parents’ guidance on who to involve.

Have a family meeting online or during a family picnic or gathering. Talk about the health issues your parents face, their changing circumstances, and the activities of daily living that they struggle to do independently. See if anyone has the time to help out.

Your aunt may be happy to pick up your mom on shopping day and help her shop for groceries. Your sister may want to be the person to drive your parents to and from their medical appointments. When someone offers to help, make a note of it. Plan a schedule and see where there are any open spaces.

It’s those slots that you need to fill with the help of others. Suppose no other family members have the time to help out; it’s okay. Don’t push others into something they cannot manage.

Instead, turn to senior care services. It’s not worth taking on more than you can handle or letting your parents struggle alone.

Make Sure Your Parents Have Their Say

During the family discussion, let your parents give their input. They may be nervous or uncomfortable having others help. If your mom needs help showering, she may not want your uncle helping out. Respect her need for privacy.

Your dad doesn’t want his granddaughter helping him shave each morning. Again, you have to work with him. If he’s more comfortable having your brother help out, try to make sure that happens. Often, the best choice is to have an experienced senior care provider help with these tasks so that an awkward situation can be avoided.

Senior Care Services Are An Excellent Option

What if no one can dedicate the time needed to help out? If you find there are gaps in the care plan, look into senior care services. If everyone is at work during the hours your parents need help getting to doctor’s appointments, professional caregivers are happy to help.

Talk to a senior care expert about the services they offer. You’ll work with the specialist to create a care plan that matches your parents’ needs and budget.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior care in Walnut Creek, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Walnut Creek. (925) 203-3039.