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Is It Time For Elder Care For Your Senior Parent?

Elder Care in Lafayette CA
Elder Care in Lafayette CA

Sometimes the adult children of seniors have a hard time noticing when their senior parents start to struggle with everyday tasks. It’s hard to see your senior parent as someone that is changing and getting older. And sometimes parents don’t want to talk to their children about issues that they’re facing or medical conditions that are getting worse. But at some point, you and your senior loved one will have to talk about what is the next step for them. If your senior loved one is determined to stay in their home, discussing the benefits of elder care is the best place to start.

Elder care can be the lifeline that a lot of seniors need in order to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. Services are customizable so that your senior parent gets exactly the help they need based on their medical conditions, current health, and lifestyle. And as your senior parent’s needs change the elder care that they receive can change too. Some seniors have a hard time accepting help, but they find that it’s easier to get help from a caregiver than from their children. Having a conversation with your senior parent about getting in-home help is never easy. But if you’re seeing any of these signs it’s time to have a conversation with your senior parent about elder care:

Dishes Piling Up

If you see dishes, pots, and pans piling up in the kitchen and not getting cleaned or put away that’s a good sign that your senior loved one needs some help around the house. Maybe the dishes are too heavy for them to comfortably hold, or maybe they don’t have the strength to stand at the sink and do dishes, or maybe they are struggling to reach up or bend down to put things away. If you see dishes and pots and pans that don’t get put away for days on end it’s time to talk about elder care.

Dust Piling Up

If you notice a thick layer of dust on tables, lamps, window blinds, the TV, and in other places that could mean your senior loved one is struggling with housework. Because dust and other allergens can make it tough for seniors to breathe this is an issue that needs to be addressed swiftly.

No Food In The Fridge

Check out the fridge the next time you visit your senior loved one. If there’s little or no food in there it could mean that your senior loved one is having a hard time making meals. Or that they are having a hard time shopping for food. Elder care can help with both of things and a caregiver will make sure that your senior loved one is eating nutritious meals every day. If you notice a lack of food in the fridge and the cupboard it’s time to talk about getting some home care for your senior parent.


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