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Foot Care Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

Proper foot care is important for your elderly loved one. Unfortunately, caring for the feet is a commonly overlooked. The better foot health your loved one has, the more active they can be. As people get older, they can develop a wide range of issues with their feet. Some of the common foot issues elderly people have include bone spurs, bunions, and more. If these issues aren’t treated properly, they could cause mobility problems for your elderly loved one. Mobility can help your elderly loved one to stay social and to be healthier. The good news is that you and elderly care providers can help your loved one to maintain proper foot care.

Going to the Podiatrist

One of the ways to ensure that your elderly loved one is getting the best foot care is by making sure they are going to the podiatrist regularly. The podiatrist will check your elderly loved one’s feet for any concerns. If there is a problem, they will give your loved one the proper treatments.

Daily Feet Inspections

Does your elderly loved one have diabetes? If so, it is important to know that people with diabetes have a higher risk of feet issues. You should encourage your elderly loved one to inspect their feet every day. Diabetics often have severe feet issues that can even cause an amputation to be needed. It is essential that you help your elderly loved one avoid this at all costs.

No Barefoot Walking

Your elderly loved one needs to walk with proper footwear. If they are walking barefoot, there is more of a chance that they will get a foot disease or an infection if their feet. In addition, walking barefoot can cause more balance issues for your elderly loved one.

Dry and Warm Feet

If your elderly loved one’s feet are constantly being left wet, there is a much higher chance that they will get an infection. It is important that you and their elderly care providers help your loved one to keep their feet dry and warm.

Toenail Care

In addition to actual foot care, your elderly loved one needs to have proper toenail care, as well. Their toenails should be trimmed regularly. Having longer toenails can cause your elderly loved one discomfort. If they are ripped off, this could cause excess bleeding.


These are some of the foot care tips that you should include in your elderly loved one’s schedule. It is imoprtant to ensure that your loved one maintains their foot health. If they have any serious health issues with their feet, it could mean major surgery or even an amputation.


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