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How Seniors Can Make Daily Exercise Fun

Exercise is one of the most important things that seniors can do to protect their health as they get older. Seniors need exercise to maintain physical health and to prevent future health problems. When seniors exercise daily they are also more likely to retain their mobility as they get older.

Doctors recommend that seniors get at least 30 minutes of moderate to brisk activity for a minimum of five days per week. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but for seniors who really don’t like exercise it can feel like a lot. When seniors are trying to lose weight or just trying to protect their health they know that exercise is important. But that doesn’t mean they want to do it.

Because exercise is vital for a senior’s health it can help if seniors find exercise fun. When seniors are doing something they enjoy it won’t seem like something they have to do. It will seem like something they want to do. Some things that seniors can do to make daily exercise more fun are:

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancing is great cardiovascular exercise and it’s a lot of fun. Seniors who have home care can ask their provider to make a playlist of dance party songs. A mix of music from different eras and different styles can make a dance party lively. And seniors can even have theme dance parties and get dressed up in costume to make exercise something really special. A 70s disco dance party or a musical sing along dance party with costumes will make exercise something to look forward to.

Outdoor Walks and Nature Exploration

Seniors who have limited mobility or just don’t find exercise to be fun may enjoy hiking or going for outdoor walks. Spending time in nature has a lot of physical and mental health benefits for seniors. When seniors take walks in nature parks, gardens, or scenic trails the beauty of nature and the fresh air can make exercise exhilarating.

Water Exercises

Swimming or water aerobics are excellent options for seniors, particularly those with joint pain or mobility issues. Water workouts are low-impact and appropriate for almost any seniors. But they also are a great way to work on strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Many community centers and senior living facilities offer aquatic exercise classes designed specifically for older adults.

Fitness Classes

Joining fitness classes tailored to seniors can be a fun way to exercise and socialize. These classes may include yoga, tai chi, Pilates, or senior-specific aerobics. When seniors join fitness classes they can try out activities they’ve wanted to try but never had the opportunity to try.

Goal-Oriented Challenges

Exercise that is based on goal achievement can motivate seniors to exercise and give them a sense of accomplishment when they hit their goal. Gamifying exercise or making it like a game where they win if they achieve their goals can appeal to seniors who have a competitive streak.


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Why Is Laundry a Telltale Chore for Your Aging Adult?

Some of the key tasks in your senior’s life can help you to spot when daily life is becoming a little more than challenging for her. Laundry is just one of those situations. Your senior’s methods for handling laundry can be an indicator that you need to be looking at a variety of issues for her.

Newer Machines Can Be Complicated to Operate

If your elderly family member has a newer machine, these usually have a variety of different features and programs. They might even be a little more complicated than what your elderly family member is used to using. Even simple machines may not feel as intuitive for her as the ones that she might have been used to in the past.

Machines May not Have Loud Enough Alarms

Another drawback to newer machines is that the alarms and alerts can be a lot lower in volume than your senior is used to. That can mean that she isn’t able to hear them or that she becomes frustrated by using the machines. This is especially a problem if her laundry room is in the basement or is otherwise difficult for her to get to easily.

It Might Be Difficult to Use the Right Amount of Laundry Products

This can sound like a small issue, but it might be more difficult for your senior to measure out laundry products than even she realizes. The measuring cups for laundry detergent are difficult to read anyway, but if her eyesight is giving her trouble, that makes it even more of a guess. Also, if she’s losing muscle tone, she can have trouble with pouring out liquid laundry products.

Doing Laundry Can Wear Her Out

Just the act of doing laundry can be exhausting for your senior. Hefting even a small laundry basket can be heavier than she thinks and it changes her center of gravity, which could put your senior at risk of falling. Afterward, she’s got to move the laundry from one machine to another, fold the dry clothes, and put them away. It’s a lot to do and your senior might find she spreads the task out over hours or even days.

She May Put Off Doing Laundry at All

Some of these reasons can cause your elderly family member to just put off doing laundry until she can’t avoid it. The worst-case scenario might even be that she stops doing laundry completely and just goes and buys new clothes. That causes a whole other set of problems for her.

If laundry is becoming more difficult for your senior to handle, other things are, too. Having help from home care providers can be a crucial step in freeing up her time and energy for her to do the things that she loves to do.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Orinda, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Walnut Creek. (925) 203-3039.