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4 Benefits Seniors Get From Walking Everyday

In-Home Care in San Ramon CA
In-Home Care in San Ramon CA

Seniors need exercise. Study after study shows that consistent movement can make a huge difference in the health of seniors as they get older. Walking is one of the best things that seniors can do because it can be adapted to suit the needs of almost any senior. Seniors who have no mobility challenges can walk fast, challenge themselves to hikes, or enjoy long daily walks that include a variety of terrain. Seniors that have mobility challenges or have old injuries that limits their movements can walk around the block or take short walks through the neighborhood and still get the benefits of walking. Fast or slow, long distance or short, smooth pavement or hiking trails none of that matters. Walking is good for seniors no matter how they do it. Some of the biggest benefits of walking for seniors are:

Weight Loss

Seniors that need to lose some weight can lose weight walking. It’s not necessary for seniors to go through extreme workouts or push their bodies into long periods of exercise to lose weight. Making smart dietary choices and walking every day can be enough to help seniors lose weight. It helps if seniors have in-home care so that they get help cooking healthy meals and shopping for healthy food. But seniors can lose weight by walking.

Better Sleep

Another benefit that comes from daily walking is better sleep. There are millions of seniors that struggle with insomnia and poor sleep. Often seniors have anxiety at night or suffer from anxiety. But daily walks can help seniors reduce their stress levels. And physical exercise is a great way to correct the body’s Circadian rhythm so that seniors are tired at night and will sleep better. Within a walk of starting regular walks many seniors report being able to fall asleep faster and staying asleep longer than they did when they weren’t walking.

Stronger Core Muscles

Walking is great exercise for the legs, but it also works the core muscles and the arms and shoulders too, especially if seniors wear hand weights or pump their arms while they walk. Increasing core strength will help seniors move more easily, breathe deeper, and hold themselves up better. Increasing core strength is something that many doctors recommend but ab workouts can be difficult for seniors. Walking is really a full body exercise without the stress and struggle of a strenuous workout.

Better Mental Health

Getting outdoors into the fresh air every day can significantly improve a senior’s mental health. Seniors with in-home care who are able to walk daily while a care provider helps with the household chores report lower rates of depression and anxiety than seniors who don’t walk regularly. Being outdoors in nature can be very healing and lower stress. Seniors who can handle walking on an unpaved trail can enjoy big mental health benefits from hiking as well as the physical benefits. Encourage your senior parent to go hiking for their health.

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How to Make Your Senior’s Doctor Appointments More Productive

In-Home Care in San Ramon CA
In-Home Care in San Ramon CA

Many senior citizens have to go to the doctor quite a bit. They may have to see their primary care doctor once a year or more. If the elderly person has health problems, they may need to see a cardiologist, pulmonologist, allergist, or other types of doctors.

Do you often have to take your elderly loved one to their doctor’s appointments? If so, there are some tips on how to make their appointments more productive.

Being Prepared for Every Appointment

One of the best tips regarding your elderly loved one’s appointments with a doctor is to be prepared for all of them. When your elderly loved one needs an appointment, it might be best if you or a senior care provider makes it. This way, there will be no mix-ups with the date or time. You can make sure someone is able to drive them to and from their appointment. In addition, you or the in-home care providers can make sure your loved one’s insurance cards are available and the paperwork is filled out.

Make a List of Questions

For some appointments, you may not have a lot of questions. However, there are going to be some doctor’s appointments for your elderly loved one that you have questions about. For example, what if your elderly loved one has to see a cardiologist after a heart attack? You are going to have questions about how to prevent another heart attack, what medications they need to take, and how to improve the health of their heart. Making a list of the questions you have can make things go smoother at the appointment. The list can also help to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything when going to the appointment.

Understanding the Treatment Plan

It can be very helpful for you or an in-home care provider to attend doctor’s appointments with your elderly loved one. The reason for this is so someone is there to understand the treatment plan. Oftentimes, elderly people will go to their doctor’s appointments, but forget what the doctor told them by the time they get home. If you or a home care provider goes to the appointments, there won’t be confusion about the treatment plan.


Does your elderly loved one have a lot of doctor’s appointments? If so, the tips mentioned above can help to make those appointments more productive. In addition, if you follow through with those tips, you can help to ensure your loved one commits to their treatment plan.


If you or an aging loved one is considering in-home care in San Ramon, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Walnut Creek. (925) 203-3039.