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4 Scams That are Targeting Seniors Right Now

Home Care in Danville CA
Home Care in Danville CA

Scams that target seniors have increased in the last year or so. Right now there are a variety of new scams targeting seniors that are more sophisticated than ever. But there are some things that seniors can do to stay safe. Getting home care is one of the best ways for seniors to protect themselves against scams. With home care seniors will be able to have someone else answer the phone or ask if something seems suspicious. Home care can help seniors avoid scams like these:

Wrong Number Scams

In this increasingly common scam seniors will receive a text from a number they don’t recognize talking about something urgent like a wedding, a party, or a meeting. When the senior texts back that they have the wrong number the scammer will start engaging in conversation and may start sending links that will trick the senior into giving up their personal or financial information. Then the person texting will use that information to steal from that senior. To avoid this seniors should just delete texts and block numbers they don’t recognize.

Business Relationship Scams

Not that seniors are getting wise to romance scams the scammers are trying business relationship scams. They will approach seniors by messaging them on LinkedIn or professional sites and claim to be looking for a mentor or a business teacher. They will try to build a relationship with a senior over a shared job or industry. Often they claim to have gone to the same college as the senior, because all of that senior’s information will be in their professional profile or public resume. Then they will start asking for money for various things or asking for things like gift card that they can use to get a new phone, a new computer, or clothes for a job interview.

One Time Passcode Scams

Scammers have figured out how to get around the two-factor authentication that is designed to help people safe from scams. A scammer will try to log into your account, which will trigger the two-factor authentication. Then they will text or call the senior who owns the account claiming to be from the bank. They will say they need that senior to verify the passcode that was texted or emailed to them. When the senior gives them the code they are able to log into that senior’s account and take their money. Seniors should never give out codes or other information other the phone when someone calls them. If they are concerned about their account security they should call their bank directly.

Package Delivery Scams

In this scam a senior may get a text from someone saying they are delivering a package, groceries, or food and ask where the house is. When the senior gives them the address and direction they can use that information to steal that senior’s identity or wait until that senior does get something delivered and steal it. Seniors should never give out their address to strangers.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Danville, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Walnut Creek. (925) 203-3039.

What Can You Do about Nighttime Anxiety?

Anxiety in the middle of the night can be severe enough to keep your senior from sleeping or even severe enough to wake her up. Here are some possible solutions.

Make Sure Mobility Tools Are Accessible

Assistive devices and mobility tools are necessary items, of course, but they’re equally necessary at night. Part of your senior’s nighttime anxiety might be worry that she won’t have what she needs overnight when she needs it most. It can be a good idea to have duplicate mobility items available, like a second cane next to the bed where your senior can easily reach it. Make sure that those items are easy to access and that they don’t become a mobility hazard when they’re not in use.

Put Some Subtle Lighting to Work

Another frequent source of anxiety overnight is being unable to see what’s happening. Nightlights that aren’t very bright are a good idea, especially if they use motion sensing technology to slightly brighten the light when your senior moves closer to the nightlight. You may also want to consider putting a small but bright flashlight next to your senior’s bed. Use one that has a wide beam of light so that she can easily see where she’s going.

Investigate Which Noises Are Helping and Which Aren’t

For some people, noise is the problem. Either there’s too much of it, usually from outside, or the house becomes too silent. Using thicker, noise-dampening window treatments and rugs inside the house can help. Double-check that seals around windows and doors are also good, because that can be another spot where sound leaks in. If the problem is that her home is too quiet at night, your elderly family member might find that leaving a radio on or using a white noise machine is very helpful. A noise machine can also help to blot out sounds from outside.

Consider Overnight Help

Whether or not you and your senior live in the same home, overnight anxiety on your senior’s part may have some negative impacts on your own ability to sleep. If you live apart, she may call you at night, and that can be anxiety-inducing for you.

Hiring home care providers for overnight stays with your elderly family member can help her to feel safer and may be what you need to be able to sleep well. Home care providers can handle whatever your senior needs, and you know they’ll contact you for a true emergency.

If anxiety at night is a big problem for your senior, talk with her doctor. There may be more going on than either you or she are aware of and that can rule out medical causes.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Danville, CA, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Walnut Creek. (925) 203-3039.